“Failed to parse RDP configuration” when using Remote Desktop App


Found a not so obvious bug with the Remote Desktop App (iOS, Android and MacOS) when launching apps from the Remote Resources list.  Remote Resources is a representation of the RemoteApps published on a Remote Desktop Web Access server to which you’re connected.  It’s simple and generally works nicely, most of the time.

As in the screenshot above tapping Calc 1.0 resulted in the “Error Failed to parse RDP configuration” box that popped up on this iPad.  This error only appears in the App, and only when selecting an application from within the App.  If you were to use Safari to visit the same URL as entered in Remote Resources, you can tap the icon in the browser, which then gives the option of opening it in the RD App which works fine.

The cause in this case was a space in the alias of the published RemoteApp. The application which we were trying to publish had a space in the name of the executable (e.g. “calc 1.0.exe) so the 2008R2 version of RemoteApp Manager defaulted the alias to “calc 1.0” when it was published.


Editing the alias to remove the space (e.g. alias = “calc1.0”) fixes the issue.

You can demonstrate the issue if you change the properties of an existing RemoteApp, by adding a space in the alias. 





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