How to program standard Comcast remote for use with Windows Media Center

Backstory: Switching from Comcast Cable Box to a Media Center PC.  Haven’t had much luck finding a decent remote that will control the TV, and WMC and has a good button layout.  Turns out I already had a few.  The grey Comcast remotes work pretty well.  The one below is essenitally the same but the one I’ve got has a red center button, which may change the key codes slightly. (note: updated image to the grey remote with red button)


I created this mapping of EFC codes which can be sent under the AUX key using device code 21972.  While, fairly long, the list is almost certainly incomplete and innacurate due to some codes only working in certain contexts.  Each code can be tested individually as follows.


Sending an EFC code manually
You can experiment with an Extended Function Code (EFC) before mapping it to a key by sending it manually.

  1. Press and release the device button for the device you want to send the EFC code for. (In this case AUX)
  2. Press and release the “Setup” button.
  3. Type in the 3- or 5-digit EFC code (the 5-digit code is usually just two zeroes followed by the 3-digit code.)
Code Function Code Function
3 Guide 234 #5
35 Enter/Last 242 #4
40 CC 248 MusicLibrary
43 LanguageMenu 250 #7
48 LanguageMenu 258 #6
50 Sleep 262 BlankKey
58 Info 262 OEM2
65 Pause 266 1
66 Mute 272 #12??weird
72 Pictures 296 CaptionsMenu
74 #9 296 DVDSubtitle
80 RecordedTV 304 LanguageMenu
82 #2 320 Print
90 Enter/Last 328 PictureLibrary
96 VideoLibrary 336 RecordedTV
99 Sleep 344 DVDAngle
106 Rewind 344 Radio????
114 FastForward 352 VideoLibrary
122 Record 354 Clear
130 Play 400 Radio
138 Volume-Down 426 *
146 Volume-Up 512 RecordedTV
154 Channel-Down 526 OEM1
162 Channel-Up 526 Write
186 DPad-Down 554 WindowsMediaCenterKey
194 DPad-Up 560 DVDAudio
202 Guide(stops_current_video) 568 Display
210 Pause 584 MyPictures
218 Skip-Backward 608 MyVideos
226 Skip-Forward 690 #

9 responses to “How to program standard Comcast remote for use with Windows Media Center”

  1. Max Nospam says :

    Turning off channel lock and volume lock on the Comcast remote allows AUX to control MCE volume and channel functions.

    • ril3y says :

      Yeah, I should have noted that. On mine, I turned channel lock off, but left volume lock on. I like having the TV volume control take priority.

  2. David Price says :

    How do you program ok or select. It will not send a signal except on cable?

  3. David Price says :

    I have successfully programmed many things but not the select button

  4. David Price says :

    What is comcast’s video compression for HD? Going to buy a DVR

  5. Clinton “Klynt” Westwood says :

    Is it me or is the code above for the remote wrong? 21972 has 5 digits and the silver with gray remote by comcast only accepts 4 digit codes. After I press 7 the AUX key long flashes informing me that the code is not correct which I assume means is not a valid code for any device, in the remotes database anyhow. I have been working on getting this remote to work with a SMK beanbag with a gray shroud and square USB B connection. It PNP installs on my Gateway FX4710-ub003a with Win7Pro as an eHome IR Transceiver. Funny side note the machine claims to have had this device by default when I got it but it has never worked properly (code 10) and is connected internally via the same wire harness as the built in card reader which has also never worked (not code 10 but any card inserted into it is seen as requiring formatting to be used by Windows but when i proceed with the format it is unable to preform the format due to an I/O error) I have tried everything from both a software/driver change to reseating/relocating the USB connection to an alternate header. To no effect. I suspect this is why I was able to get the machine for free at a garage sale. That plus the people where obviously well off financially and not interested in using older machines for very long. I also got a Gateway Laptop with a core 2 duo and 4 gigs for free at the same time. It had a “Arctic Bloom” case and fingerprint reader. Obviously not cheap when it was purchased.

    So like I said SMK “eHome IR” code needed for silver with gray comcast remote.

    Looked all over the place and the best info was fount here but is not correct. I also tried t he auto code search function but just ended up with a pair of sprained thumbs. : ( Pleas help.

    • ril3y says :

      The major difference between the grey remote with the red button and the grey remote with the grey button is that they use 5 and 4 digit codes respectively. The potentially good news is that the 5 digit codes are typically just the 4 digit codes preceded by a 1 or 2 depending on device function (e.g. 10000 = 0000 or 20000 = 0000). See

      If the grey on grey remote doesn’t work at all regardless of the codes, you could try exchanging it for the red on grey remote at Comcast office.

      I should probably update the image in the post as I noted that I actually have a red on grey, but didn’t have a picture handy. It’s probably misleading.

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